Yinnin's eyes

The Metaphor of the Bush Yam

The bush yam is a traditional staple and highly prized food of indigenous people. To find the yam you need to find the raki. The yam, which is hidden underground, is found by following the leaves and vines of the yam leading to its place underground. The process of finding them is not easy. It takes skill and experience to find the tell tale raki amongst the other vegetation, especially when most of the visible signs have been burnt out or withered away. An expert knows where to look and can find the slimmest of raki, where others may see nothing.

Raki mala has been granted permission to use the yam’s image by Yinin’s mother clan. We use it to describe what we do. The leaves, vegetation and trees are the world around us. The various leaves can represent government departments, education, family, law, sport, money, shops, anything and everything. Good things like health, harmony and strength or less good things jealousy, misunderstanding, misdirection or mental or physical sickness.

Raki Mala attempts to find the right raki that someone is looking for and share that with them in a way they understand so they too can follow the raki to the goal. White or black. Traditional or the mainstream.