Program development and implementation

We can advise on and assist in agency development of tailored content for specific topics and target audiences. From Centrelink programs to health initiatives. From family services to business development.

We can provide a heads up on cultural protocols, contacts, community dynamics and “left field” issues and dynamics that might other wise be missed.

We have expert staff to assist with a program from conception to completion in a flexible array of formats.

Every government, business or NGO agency program undertaking work in NT remote area communities or town camps needs to effectively incorporate / involve native language speakers in the program. When this is done effectively it can reduce costs significantly.

Raki Mala is both dedicated and capable of providing this effective liaison. Instead of a tug of war between opposing forces it is a binding together of the individual strengths to achieve common goals

Our mission is transform how mainstream programs and policy objectives are conveyed into messages and information that reaches the target community audience.

We do this by converting a foreign message into a language, content and style that catches and holds their attention. A story that a yolngu person might say has taste.  It is djukurrmirri – fat and juicy rather than dry. To facilitate recognition of the message by presenting it using metaphors, concepts and meaning from there own culture and experience.