Indigenous studies and education programs

If your institution, university, college or high school has indigenous study programs we can assist. All our indigenous staff have experience in teaching roles. Explaining their culture is their passion. We have a flexible program that can be tailored to your needs, budget and location.

The knowledge, style and presence that they bring to the teaching space is unmatchable. The learning experience occurs directly and also on a variety of more subtle levels.

Ongoing indigenous studies teachers for local work through to one off lectures or more concise programs to supplement interstate indigenous study courses.

For an immersive cultural experience we have tailored intensive programs on homelands. On country, the indigenous learning experience becomes one that is remembered for life.

The cultural style, the tempo of the teaching, the legacy of the landscape, and the involvement in corroboree works on all levels physically, emotionally and intellectually. With all senses being challenged, that which may not be readily realised or understood in the classroom becomes clear and a more real knowledge is acquired.