About Raki Mala

Raki Mala Indigenous Consultants is a multi disciplinary cross-cultural team that provides innovative and effective solutions for bridging the mainstream – indigenous communication gap. Our work as Indigenous consultants for the Yolgnu community of Arnhem Land provides services for people and organisations in both government and business. Our services include language and culture translation services, government and business consultation services, program development and implementation, secondary and tertiary indigenous studies and education programs, cultural awareness programs and indigenous business and association creation and development.

We close the communication gap to achieve meaningful and functional understanding for both Yolgnu and Balanda.

We communicate not just in language but also in the local style using local concepts, meaning and shared experiences. In this way connections can be made and a more practical understanding is achieved. Negotiation, consultation, policy objectives and training are successful when both parties have clear understanding.

The way we work

We work to turn empowerment and self-determination into reality. To move from talk to walk. We are always looking for up and coming younger Yolngu to be engaged in our team.  To watch, learn and work in the business for real life setting. To foster and mentor them so their individual strengths and expertise can be utilised and their goals and visions fulfilled. Not only is this strategic for Raki team it is also helping to build the foundation for the future for the wider community.

Our vision

A vision that drives Raki mala is the desire to open the minds of Yolngu. For many Yolngu people their minds are dal dal – closed to the outside world. For many balanda their mind are actually dal dal – closed to anything but their own pre conceptions of Indigenous life and what needs to happen. They don’t understand it or how it works. They might know words but practical understanding of them is missing.  We want to open lapmarama their minds to achieve an understanding of language and dynamics of the mainstream world.

We are different because the communication link between the team is continuous from one culture to the other. Our work and initiatives are shared for all the family and community to see and engage in.  All day, each and every day.