We are experts in cross-cultural communication, consultation, language and culture translation, providing services to:

  • Business
  • Government
  • Non-for-profit Organisations
  • Secondary and Tertiary Indigenous studies

Cultural Awareness

We offer a range of tailored cultural awareness programs for government, business and general public.

An introductory program that provides an awareness of Yolngu life and custom. It covers etiquette and practical knowledge.

Also available, an intermediate program to increase the effectiveness of teams that already have experience in the field. We can clarify participants observations and experiences and provide in depth cultural information to help participants better engage with Yolngu.

Consultation Service

We provide effective consultation for a range of topics, projects and needs. 

Raki Mala is an inter disciplinary cross-cultural team. Our team has a range of experience in government and in the business world.

Which brings a unique consultation style that penetrates cross cultural barriers.   

We believe that effective indigenous consultation or cross-cultural communication is not possible when there is only one predominant culture.

Language and Culture

Raki Mala provides  a language and culture  translation service.  We have a team of experts, speaking a range of dialects of Yolngu matha as well as:

  • Andiliakwa
  • Creole
  • Burarra
  • Maung
  • Gunwinggu
  • Murinpatha
  • Walpiri


If your institution, university, college or high school has indigenous study programs we can assist. All our indigenous staff have experience in teaching roles. Explaining culture is our passion. We have a flexible program that can be tailored to your needs, budget and location.

The knowledge, style and presence Raki Mala staff bring to the teaching space is unmatched. The learning experience occurs directly and also on a variety of more subtle levels, providing participants a rich, immersive learning experience. 


Translation services


Every government, business or non government organisations (NGO) undertaking work or delivering programs in NT remote area communities need to effectively involve native language speakers in the program. Raki Mala is dedicated to transforming how mainstream programs and policy objectives are conveyed into culturally appropriate information that reaches the target community audience.


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